NECTAR® Ceramic Water Filter Model – Siphon

NECTAR® siphon water filter is a element type water filter which uses gravity siphon pressure to force water through a high-quality ceramic filter element. It removes 99.99% of bacteria as well as bad taste and chlorine. The innovative design results in a high flow rate of 1 – 1.5 liters per hour. NECTAR® siphon filter is very compact as existing water storage containers can be used. 

The filter is designed to be used by families at the household level. The filter element is impregnated with nanosilver in order to increase the bacterial removal efficiency of the filter and to reduce the recontamination risk of stored filtered water.

NECTAR® Model – Siphon features a compact 3–in–1 Water Filtration system containing Ceramic Filter Cartridge. Depth filtration (0.45 microns) with Silver impregnation and activated carbon.

STAGE-1: Eliminates sediments; in combination with particles greater than 0.45 microns. 
STAGE-2: Silver Impregnation Sterilizes water and disinfects Bacteria.

STAGE-3: Activated Carbon removes VOC’s, odor, taste, and Reduces radioactive particles and toxic chemicals


Flow Rate:

Approx. 4 – 5 liters / hour*

Cartridge Washing Frequency

1 – 3 Days*

Cartridge Replacement:

6 to 12 months*

TDS (ppm)


Operating Temperature (°F / °C)

40 – 90 / 4.44 – 32.22


Approx.0.700 kg


(width x height x depth) 3.5” x 10 ” x 3.5 ”


1 year


Reinforced polyethylene plastic (food grade), activated carbon, silver impregnated ceramic cartridge.

* Cartridges Sold Separately
**Not to be installed outdoors or in arteas exposed to extreme climate conditions or outside of operating specifications


• Fully Equipped and Economical     • Low Operation Costs
• Lightweight Design                         • Low Maintenance Costs
• Compact Space Saving Design     • 1-Year Limited Warranty
• Components Easily Accessible     • 100% Tested
• Easy Maintenance and Servicing

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