Water is widely used in industry, whether it is encountered as raw water, process water or waste water.

Very often this water must be treated before entering the process to ensure its quality and properties will meet the specifications demanded by the industrial process. In addition, with recent discharge regulations and policies towards zero liquid discharge, there is a high demand for solutions for recycling and reuse of waste water produced.

ALPA provides sustainable and complete solutions for water and waste water treatment for industrial water considering a wide range of technologies and strategies.


Water and waste water reuse
Drinking water
Boiler feed water
Cooling water

Our solutions

Coarse and fine filtration
Scale and corrosion control
Microbiology control
Boiler feed water treatment
Condensate treatment
Cooling tower make-up water treatment
Cooling tower blow-down treatment

Technology overview

Multimedia filtration
Reverse Osmosis
Ion exchange / Softener
Corrosion control (chemicals)
Disinfection (UV / ozone / chemicals)

Our advantages

Engineered and custom designed solutions for unique water and equipment needs.
Turn-key solutions including design, engineering, manufacturing, automation, installation, maintenance and training.
State-of-art technologies for effective water and wastewater reuse.
Best on-line assistance and on-site service and support.

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